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Owners and Investors

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A credible assessment of fair value underpins our services for shareholders, be they majority owners of a telecoms company or investors in the sector 

Our investment banking services address two very different classes of shareholders in telecommunications:

  • Owners.  Telecommunications entrepreneurs with a substantial stake in their own telecommunications property, often actively involved in the management of that enterprise.
  • Investors.  Fund management firms or existing/potential investment consortia participants.

For owners, we use the Value Dynamics Framework to offer a credible assessment of fair value which underpins our services in recapitilization, value realization and risk management:

  • Stock Swaps.  A pragmatic risk management and diversification approach for telecommunications entrepreneurs based on the exchange of stock in similar private companies in different geographies or markets.  This leverages the Value Dynamics Framework to establish a well-informed fair-value assessment of participating owners.
  • Capital Raising.  Preparation of investment memoranda and arrangement of private placements in support of expansion or acceleration.
  • Sale of Business.  Representation of owners in the full or partial sale of their businesses.

For other investors, such as fund management firms or consortia partcipants we offer straight valuation services:

  • Passive Valuation.  Using the framework to form an opinion on true value versus current market value, using public information.
  • Due Diligence.  Working with the cooperation of the company under assessment, to provide a detailed assessment of valuation and the opportunity to increase value through change programs.
  • Consolidation. Assessing the ability to realize value in combining two or more companies, with particular emphasis on execution constraints and their impact on the timing of cash flows.

Other Services:

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Services for Existing Operators

Services for New Operators