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New Operators

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A systematic, value-driven approach from opportunity assessment  to establishment of investment consortia, wholesale arrangements and build programs

We address new wholesale and retail operators across three main categories of investors:

  • Government (Local and National)
  • Industrial (Rail and Electricity)
  • Private (Entrepreneurs and Consortia)

New operators will seldom operate in a fully self-contained market, but will usually form part of a complex value chain.  In the case of government and industrial investors, the telecommunications business returns are often only be part of a broader economic equation.  In nearly all cases wholesale arrangements are an important element of end-to-end economics.  In the context of this complexity, the Value Dynamics Framework provides a systematic approach to business planning and stakeholder engagement. 

  • Opportunity Assessment.  Assessment of long-term economics, with an emphasis on demand forecasts and cost evolution, often in support of initial board or ministerial/council approvals.
  • Investment Consortia.  Establishment of investment consortia and public-private partnerships.
  • Anchor Tenant Arrangements.  Commerical structure and risk assessment.
  • Wholesale Commerical Arrangements, as a consumer or a provider of bandwidth and coverage.  Three particular cases are metro-wholesale (including for WiFi and Small-Cell backhaul), government-funded broadband  and regional backbone capacity (including submarine, terrestrial and hybrids).
  • Organizational Establishment.  Moving from investment and business planning to build-phase program management with the establishment and staffing of key operational functions and management of vendor relationships.

Other Services:

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Services for Existing Operators

Services for Owners and Investors