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Existing Operators

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Informed analysis of value-creation alternatives, initiation of high-impact change programs, and engagement with key stakeholders

Our services for existing operators leverage the Value Dynamics Framework to help determine which change programs can have the most significant impact on shareholder value and provide informed analysis to better manage engagement with key stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees and unions.

  • Dividend Strategy – what dividend strategy provides the best medium to long term results for shareholders?  We provide robust economic analysis of different investment scenarios across the main customer segments, and how those scenarios impact cash use and generation.  This enables a more informed dialog with shareholders, especially when there is a gap between dividend expectations and the cash-requirements of the business.
  • Customer Experience – which investments to improve customer experience have the most significant impact on customer lifetime value? A systematic, pragmatic approach taking into consideration the current state of underlying processes, systems and network capabilities.
  • DataCo/ServCo – are the company and its wholesale arrangements structured to address the economic challenges of exploding data intensity? The ability to deliver the right cost per bit per mode is fundamental to future economics, but requires a very different set of management disciplines than EITHER managing brands and customers OR managing legacy networks.
  • Opportunity Assessment – we are entering a phase in the industry of increased consolidation (mergers and acquisitions) and collaboration (network-sharing, cloud and OTT partnerships).  Such changes often appear to have a positive impact on long term economics, but the devil is often in the operational details, requiring deep technical due diligence across networks and support systems.

Other Services:

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Services for New Operators

Services for Owners and Investors