Number Eight Capital Launch

Paris, April 22, 2013 – Number Eight Capital today announced the completion of its formation phase including the establishment of its advisory board, incorporation in France, and finalization of its office location at Neuilly Sur Seine near Paris.

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Advisory Board

The Number Eight Capital Advisory Board brings together an extraordinary combination of expertise in science, investments and the telecommunications industry. The current members of the advisory board are, in alphabetical order:

  • Martin Creaner is President and CEO of the TM Forum, a leading global, industry association of over 1000 member companies focused on enabling communications service provider agility and innovation.  
  • J. Paul Gorman is a Portfolio Manager at AllianceBernstein, a fund manager in New York which has approximately 440 billion US under management.
  • Dr. Markus Hofmann is the Head of Bell Labs Research which is globally recognized for inventions that shaped the world of telecommunications and technology including the transistor, the laser, DSL, UNIX, C and C++, DWDM, Solar Cells and MIMO (which enables WiFi and LTE). 
  • David Jefferds is a co-founder and COO of DealVector which provides a revolutionary online network enabling direct connections among investors, collateral managers, counter-parties, broker-dealers, and others. 
  • Vince Pizzica is a member of the executive committee at Technicolor, a 16000-person multinational which holds 40,000 patents licensed in over 80% of consumer electronics and which is directly involved in production of 70% of movie blockbusters.

13 04 CREANERMartin Creaner
President and CEO TM Forum

13 04 GORMAN      J. Paul Gorman
Portfolio Manager AllianceBernstein

13 04 HOFMANN      Dr Markus Hofmann
Head of Bell Labs Research

13 04 JEFFERDSDavid Jefferds
COO and Co-founder DealVector

13 04 PIZZICAVince Pizzica President, Corporate Partnerships and Ventures, Technicolor

More information on the advisory board and its members is available at

Office Location

Number Eight Capital is incorporated in France as Number Eight SARL and has its office at NeuillyLab a cutting-edge incubator located at 171 avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly Sur Seine between Paris’ Arc de Triomphe and the business district La Defense where the majority of french telecommunications and finance companies are headquartered.

About Number Eight Capital

Number Eight Capital has two principal activities:

  1. The establishment of investment consortia to build telecommunications businesses and infrastructure.
  2. Investment banking and advisory services for telecommunications operators and their shareholders.

The company was founded by Philip Carden, who until recently ran the Consulting Services business division at Alcatel-Lucent.  He is a well known figure in telecommunications and chaired the industry’s first two major conferences on Customer Experience.  His background prior to Alcatel-Lucent was in management consulting then venture capital.  He is originally from New Zealand and has worked for multiple years in each of New York, Shanghai and Paris.

For more information, visit Number Eight Capital on:, or read the latest posts on the Number Eight blog: and follow the Company on LinkedIn:



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