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Investment Industry Workshop

Paris, June 13, 2013 – Thanks to the participants in the workshop at Neuilly Lab on the early-stage investment industry.  Copies of the presentation are available from Neuilly Lab, or send a request via the contact page  (workshop participants only).  A brief summary of some of the content is included on this page.

13 06 NeuillyLab

Axes of the Industry – Stage, Source and Structure:

Source and Stage help describe the type of investor.  Structure, by contrast,  helps describes the type of investment.

13 06 3S

Stage of Development

•All terms are vague and used differently by different people.
•In particular, the terms “Seed” and “Series-A” are often confused (but should not be).
•Not all businesses fit these stages perfectly, but most software-based startups do.
•Seed funding is not about building a prototype.  A prototype is usually required for seed funding.
13 06 Stage
Types of Investor
This chart shows how some of the most common terms to describe investors match to what stage they typically focus on, and the type of funding source.
13 06 Landscape

About Number Eight Capital

Number Eight Capital has two principal activities:

  1. The establishment of investment consortia to build telecommunications businesses and infrastructure.
  2. Investment banking and advisory services for telecommunications operators and their shareholders.

The company was founded by Philip Carden, who until recently ran the Consulting Services business division at Alcatel-Lucent.  He is a well known figure in telecommunications and chaired the industry’s first two major conferences on Customer Experience.  His background prior to Alcatel-Lucent was in management consulting then venture capital.  He is originally from New Zealand and has worked for multiple years in each of New York, Shanghai and Paris.

For more information, visit Number Eight Capital on: http://capital.no-8.com, or read the latest posts on the Number Eight blog: http://capital.no-8.com/insights/blog and follow the Company on LinkedIn: http://no-8.com/follow.


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