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Philip Carden

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Philip Carden is a partner at Number Eight Capital and a well-known figure in the telecommunications industry. He chaired two of the first telecom industry conferences on customer experience, and is extensively published on that topic as well as analytics, security and telecommunications engineering. He was formerly the global head of the Consulting Services business division at Alcatel-Lucent.

Contact Information

French Mobile Number: +33 7 81 64 02 39

NZ Mobile Number: +64 21 170 9604

Linked In Profile: linkedin.com/in/pcarden

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All contact details including mobile and Skype are available to my connections on LinkedIn.  Please only use my mobile number if you know what timezone I am currently in.  My email address is in the form firstname.lastname@thisdomain.com where “thisdomain.com” is “no-8.com”.