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Our Focus – the Science of Value in Telecoms

Number Eight Capital has two principal activities:

  1. The establishment of investment consortia to build telecommunications businesses and infrastructure.
  2. Investment banking and advisory services for telecommunications operators and their shareholders.


The consistent theme across these activities is an emphasis on valuation.  Indeed, one of our primary goals is to be recognized as a global authority on the valuation of telecommunications operators.  Our value dynamics framework focuses on the key drivers of future cash flows with a comprehensive scientific approach based on a well-informed, up-to-the-minute understanding of customer experience, operational and technical considerations and their economic impact in a competitive marketplace. 


We work with private investors, often themselves successful telecommunications or technology entrepreneurs, to initiate or participate in telecommunications investments, usually also taking an active role in establishing the ongoing executive management of investee companies.


We work with existing or new operators and their shareholders, offering a set of investment banking services focused on valuation, and a complementary set of advisory services focused on how to maximize long term value while managing stakeholder expectations. 

More information on services offered is located in the following areas:

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Services for Existing Operators

Services for New Operators

Services for Owners and Investors