Advisory Board

The Number Eight Capital Advisory Board brings together an extraordinary combination of expertise in science, investments and the telecommunications industry. The current members of the advisory board are, in alphabetical order:


Martin Creaner President and CEO          TM Forum

Martin Creaner is President and CEO of the TM Forum, a leading global industry association of over 1000 member companies focused on enabling communications service provider agility and innovation.

Mr. Creaner is a regular speaker, widely published and the author of two books. He is listed each year in the Global Telecoms Business Power 100 and named among the 25 most influential people in telecom software by Billing World. He previously held executive positions at Motorola and British Telecom and was the founder and chairman of Selatra (turnkey App Stores for mobile operators).

He has an MBA from Cranfield University, an MSC in Telecommunications from the University of East Anglia and Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering and Physics.

13 04 GORMAN

J. Paul Gorman     Portfolio Manager, AllianceBernstein

J. Paul Gorman is a portfolio manager at AllianceBernstein, a US fund manager with ~440 billion US under management.  Until recently a partner at GMG Investment Advisors in New York, he is also the former head of credit and emerging market investments at ABB in the US, and has over twenty years experience trading and investing in Government, Corporate and Emerging Market debt at UBS, Lehman Brothers, ABB and Barclay Investments.

Mr. Gorman has founded and invested in two companies that achieved successful exits via public listing and private sale respectively. He has also been active outside the business sphere as the director of an ambulance service, a foster-care organization and Autism360 where he serves as the board president.


Dr Markus Hofmann Head of Bell Labs Research

Dr. Markus Hofmann is the Head of Bell Labs Research which is globally recognized for inventions that shaped the world of telecommunications and technology including the transistor, the laser, DSL, UNIX, C and C++, DWDM, Solar Cells and MIMO (which enables WiFi and LTE). Seven Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work completed at Bell Laboratories.

Apart from leading the global research team, Dr. Hofmann is also personally known for his pioneering work on reliable multicasting over the Internet and for defining and shaping fundamental principles of content networking. He has published over 60 papers and has been granted 14 U.S. patents. He has served as Chair of the Internet Technical Committee (ITC) and is active in several industry bodies including the IEEE and IETF.

He has a Ph.D. with honors in Computer Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.


David Jefferds    Founder and COO DealVector

David Jefferds is a co-founder and COO of DealVector which provides a revolutionary online network enabling direct connections among investors, collateral managers, counter-parties, broker-dealers, and others. He was previously Head of Investments for LCM Advisors, where he oversaw the investment staff and portfolio management for a global strategy exceeding $500 million, and prior to that was Head of Structured Credit Trading at CreditTrade (Americas). He began his capital markets career at Lehman Brothers trading fixed income and commodity derivatives, and has also been involved with several start-ups.

Mr Jefferds has authored several articles applicable to illiquid markets trading including “Independent Pricing of Synthetic CDOs ” in Handbook of European Structured Financial Products (Fabozzi), and Distressed CLOs, Control Rights, and the ‘Effective Strike’ (Journal of Turnaround Management).

He holds a JD from Harvard Law School and a BA from Princeton University.


Vince Pizzica   President, Corporate Ventures and Partnering Technicolor

Vince Pizzica is a member of the executive committee at Technicolor, a 16000-person multinational which holds 40,000 patents licensed in over 80% of consumer electronics and which is directly involved in production of 70% of movie blockbusters.

Until recently Mr. Pizzica ran the Digital Delivery group that has over 200 Service Provider customers globally for its access and set-top box products. He now heads corporate partnerships and ventures, based in California.

A thirty-year veteran of telecoms, Mr. Pizzica has previously held senior executive roles at Alcatel-Lucent where he was CTO/CMO for all regions outside the Americas, and seventeen years at Telstra where he led technology strategy and was Chief Architect of Telstra’s “Future Mode of Operations”. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Institute of Engineers and a Master of Telecoms & Info Systems from the University of Essex in the U.K.